Soy Protein

ANS Soy Protein is perfect for vegetarians, people with lactose intolerance or for those looking for an alternative supplement to cows milk whey protein. It is very low in fat, has added calcium and contains no cholesterol making it a very healthy choice and the extra calcium is good for hair, bones and teeth as well as an all round healthy body.

• Soy Protein Isolate. Made from defatted soy meal by removing most of the fats and carbohydrates, yielding a product with a high percentage of protein.
• An excellent choice for vegetarians. It is a complete vegetable protein and is an excellent substitute for animal protein.
• It contains all nine essential amino acids for growth and development, health and wellbeing and it is equal in quality to the protein in meat, milk and eggs.
• It is lactose free.
• Soy protein isolate may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. There are also indications that soy protein can help in the prevention of osteoporosis, some cancers and menopausal symptoms.
• Added calcium for stronger healthier bones.
• Soy protein’s other nutritional functions include providing a respectable amount of potassium, phosphorous, zinc and iron, vitamin-E as well as the full B-complex.


ANS 大豆蛋白是素食者、乳糖不耐症或尋找乳清牛奶蛋白替代品人士的理想補充品。它非常低脂,加有鈣和不含膽固醇,使它成為非常健康之選,而額外的鈣更有助於頭髮、骨骼、牙齒以及全面身體健康。

• 大豆分離蛋白,是從脫脂大豆粉去除大部分脂肪和碳水化合物後製成,生產成為具有高比例蛋白質的產品
• 素食者的絕佳選擇,它含有完整的植物蛋白,是動物蛋白的優良代替品
• 它含有九個所有必需氨基酸,有助促進增長和維持健康身體,蛋白質量等同肉類、牛奶和雞蛋
• 不含乳糖
• 大豆分離蛋白可降低患冠心病風險。也有跡象顯示,大豆蛋白能幫助預防骨質疏鬆,某些癌症和更年期症狀
• 添加鈣質有助強健骨骼
• 大豆蛋白其他營養功能包括提供相當數量的鉀、磷、鋅、鐵、維他命 E 以及全效維他命 B 群