Protein Isolate

ANS Protein Isolate has been processed to remove almost all fats and carbs so it’s the easy way to stick to a low fat, low carb, high protein diet. Its formulation makes it available to muscles very rapidly, making it ideal for repair and recovery after hard training. It also has added vitamins, making it an excellent daily health drink for both athletes and people managing a strenuous workload.

• A Blend of Ion-exchange / Hydrolysed / Micro-filtered Whey Protein Isolate.
– Ion-exchange WPI used to increase % protein / mass
– Hydrolysed WPI is pre-digested which is more easily absorbed and rapidly digested by the body. It is also low allergenic.
– Micro-filtered WPI retains important protein sub fractions, has virtually no denatured protein and is extremely low in fat and lactose.
• Fortified with a vitamin and mineral blend to increase the body’s utilisation of protein to assist in lean muscle production.
• Bioflavonoids to support your biochemistry for maximum nutrition throughout the day.
• Added calcium for stronger healthier bones
• High levels of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), which can be metabolized in the muscle rather than in the liver. Used as a fuel for muscles reducing fatigue and assisting in muscle recovery.
• High ‘Beta Whey Fraction’ whey protein isolate provides improved muscle recovery and strength gains.


ANS 分離蛋白已被處理脫掉幾乎所有的脂肪和碳水化合物,因此它能輕易地堅持低脂肪、低碳水化合物和高蛋白質飲食。它的配方使其能迅速增強肌肉,理想的適合於艱苦訓練後之體力恢復。它更添加了維他命,使其成為運動員和公務繁忙人士優良的日常保健飲料。

• 離子交換 / 水解 / 微濾分離乳清蛋白的混合
– 離子交換分離乳清蛋白用來增加蛋白質 / 質量比例
– 預先消化的水解分離乳清蛋白更容易被人體吸收,並能迅速被消化。這也是低致敏性的
– 微濾分離乳清蛋白保留重要的蛋白質子分數,幾乎不含變性蛋白,脂肪和乳糖含量極低
• 維他命和礦物質的混合,強效提昇身體運用蛋白質以協助製造肌肉
• 生物類黃酮支持您整天生理上所需的最大營養
• 添加鈣質有助強健骨骼
• 高質素的支鏈氨基酸能促進肌肉新陳代謝,而不是肝臟。用作減輕肌肉疲勞的能源,並協助肌肉恢復
• 高 ‘ β 乳清組分 ’ 的分離乳清蛋白供給肌肉更好的恢復和增添效力