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Jamie McGregor

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Since Jamie’s arrival to Hong Kong in late 2010 he has been working as a private personal trainer, a community rugby coach for the HKRFU and the conditioning coach for the Causeway Bay Rugby Club. Now he focuses on bootcamps and personal training sessions around the SAR.
Prior to moving to Hong Kong, Jamie was working as a trainer in New Zealand for the Council’s Recreation Services Unit and the YMCA as an an instructor on the award winning YMCA after school “Energise” programme. He also ran his own outdoor training business which included boot camps for a range of different fitness requirements. He has worked with the industry’s top professionals and leaders,working with athletes from a variety of sports including top rugby and rugby league players, junior olympians, triathletes, top soccer players and martial artists.

Jamie’s reputation grew quickly for his effective programming, achieving great results with clients quickly. He keeps his training goal specific and relevant to the chosen sport of his clients.

Adam Rizwan


Lana Ferrara


Shane Bentley
Shane was originally a bootcamp member but when he showcased his skills during the boxing class it turned out that he had 35 years experience of martial arts behind him including a 4th dan in Shorin Kempo and is a member the World Kumite Organisation. We are very lucky that he agreed to lend his expertise to the sessions where we structure his self defense techniques into an interactive workout





Ryan Lau

image1    Ryan’s philosophy of exercise combined with over 15 years of physical training experience helps clients to reach a wide range of fitness goals. From fat loss to strength & condition enhancement. He holds a Master of sports medicine to help for rehabilitation, muscle imbalance and posture correction and sports massage.

He is also a SUP rider and runner. This makes my programmes become more flexible and fun.